Benefit & Housing support letters

Housing/Benefit Letters

The Marylebone Health Centre is committed to supporting our patients.  All requests for letters for benefits, council or any third parties will only be considered for completion if the request is made formally from the third party, councils or the benefit office themselves. Each request received would need to be accompanied by a patients written consent. Each request incurs a fee as this is not work required to be done under NHS care provision. This report will take up to 28 days to be completed and returned to the requestor.


Housing support letters are not required to support a housing application. If the council would like information about your health status they will write to us directly. We will not provide letters of any kind to support housing needs/concerns. Letters from medical professionals are not taken into account by housing/council offices unless they ask for them directly.  Applicants are expected to complete a self assessment form. There is no exception to this policy.