Latest News Letter For Our Patients

Dear All,

During these difficult times to explain how the practice is responding to the COVID crisis.We continue to open as usual albeit in a somewhat different form. In accordance with national recommendations are doors are kept locked and all non-planned appointments are first triaged by telephone. The doctors are increasingly using video consultations to help aid assessments and decrease the need for face to face consultations. If after the initial consultation it is thought best that you be seen in the surgery we will provide you with a mask and gloves, which the clinician will also wear to minimise the risk of infection. The practice is continuing to provide routine essential services such as blood test monitoring for people taking certain medications, wound dressings and the administering of certain injectable medications. As guided by the government we are also continuing to vaccinate children to help prevent an increase in other infective illnesses. For this important reason we strongly encourage parents to ensure their children are vaccinated as per their current immunisation schedules.

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