Information Update


Due to usual winter pressures and the additional work generated by COVID the surgery are currently experiencing high demand..

Administration Services

Whilst we have continued to offer a full range of clinical services we are unable to provide admin work which is not related to clinical care.

We do not provide fit to fly/fit to travel/fit to participate, occupational health letters or letters of support for housing, benefits of transport.

Occupational health is not a service provided by the NHS and you would need to speak to your employer.

COVID vaccine exemptions can be obtained by calling 119. There are very strict criteria patients need to meet and we can only respond to official 119 exemption certificate requests.

Access to services

The main reception doors are open Monday- Friday from 7.45-6pm

You can enter 6-6.30pm but you would need to press the entry buzzer. This is for staff security and so we can ensure callers to the surgery are genuinely seeking our services.

We offer 7am appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays. These appointments are by appointment only

If you need to be seen for a face to face consultation, please let reception know and they can arrange this for you. You do not need to speak to a GP to be given a Face to Face appointment.

Patients are expected to attend appointments they book: or cancel unwanted appointments so they can be used by someone else.

Safety -To keep patients and staff safe we have COVID measures in place

  • we ask patients to use our one way in and out system, especially when using the smaller entry corridor
  • Patients are screened for signs of infection on entry through screening questions
  • Wearing face masks remain a condition of entry as we are a medical facility – and we ask that you keep them on whilst on our premises. This is required to keep you, other patients and our staff as protected as possible from airborne virus. If you feel you are medically exempt email the surgery and the GPs will assess your medical records to ensure that you are medically exempt.
  • We leave doors open to help us achieve improved air flow and this can make the waiting areas feel cool.

Unacceptable Behaviour

On an average day we have more than 400 contacts with patients, either face to face on site or by telephone. The vast majority of our interactions are very successful and we gratefully appreciate the support we receive from our patients.

However we have experienced, albeit a very small number of incidences, where our staff have been sworn at, shouted at and spoken to in an aggressive manner.

This has often been where patients feel they do not wish to comply with the safety measures, such as wearing safe masks.

We ask patients who behave inappropriately to remember that unacceptable behaviour is not welcome nor something we have to tolerate.

Our Patient Partnership Group support the practice and our zero tolerance policy.

If you are unhappy with the services you receive please work with us to improve our services and email us on


J Creaser- Practice Manager