COVID vaccination – Update

Marylebone patients continue to respond fantastically to offers of COVID vaccinations. We were delighted that we were   able to release Marylebone staff members to work at the Lords vaccination site. where many MHC patients were vaccinated by our nurses or GPs. Lords has now closed and due to volume of numbers a range of alternative sites have been established-Including a walk in site at Marble Arch Walk-in vaccination service now available in Westminster | Westminster City Council

The MHC team would like to thank all patients who attended for their vaccination appointments and we feel it has been our pleasure and privilege to have been able to work at the Lords site and serve our patients to ensure they receive their vaccinations in a timely manner.

Most invitations to have vaccinations are done through a text link which is sent by a central booking team. Patients who do not receive texts or whose mobile phone numbers are out of date are contacted by our admin teams by telephone or letters. It is important we have your up-to-date contact details to enable us to do so.

All patients aged 25 and over, or any age in a high clinical risk/shielding group have now been invited, as have patients who are known as carers, live with a patient who is immunosuppressed or have a learning disability. Patients who are pregnant in a high risk group can also have the vaccination after discussion with a GP. If you are in the above group and have NOT yet received your invitation please let us know by emailing

Second vaccinations are offered 11 weeks after the first vaccination is received. The vaccination centre have advised us to inform patients that they are not able to provide earlier vaccinations for travelling patients. Patients aged 50 and over will be invited for second vaccinations after 8 weeks.

NHS APP- You can download the NHS app (not the NHS COVID app) to have access to your medical records and access to details about your COVID vaccinations. This the official way (for travel or access to venues) to prove that you have had a COVID vaccination. If you cannot download the NHS app please call 119 and they can provide you with an official NHS letter of confirmation. GP letters are not considered official confirmation for travel and will not be issued. If you had a vaccination abroad this was not given by the NHS and will therefore not show on the NHS app. This may change in the future but this is not currently an option

Astra Zeneca: As you are aware the Government have issued advice about the safety of Astra Zeneca vaccinations. If you ARE UNDER 40 and have been offered a COVID vaccination you have to have a thrombosis risk assessment with a GP. Please call reception and they can arrange this for you. Going forward all patients aged 40 and under will be offered an appointment to have an alternative vaccination. Pregnant patients will also be automatically offer Pfizer vaccinations if they are called due to age or clinical risk.