COVID -Latest Update

14/10/2021 COVID and COVID vaccinations  

COVID CASES– Numbers of positive cases locally do seem to be slowly reducing but please remain cautious. If you are unwell with mild and manageable COVID symptoms (reports of headaches, sore throat, runny nose as well as cough, loss of sense of taste/smell such as change in sense of taste/smell, temperature and a cough) please call 119 or visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS ( to arrange a PCR test.

We cannot tell if you have COVID without test results.


The vast majority of patients in hospital/ITU have not had COVID vaccinations, many have had one vaccination but not completed the course and we are sorry to report that sadly some of our patients have recently died from COVID.  The offer to have a vaccination is still open. If you are aged 16 and over, PLEASE ATTEND to have your vaccinations to protect yourself and others from becoming seriously unwell from COVID 


COVID vaccination– Marylebone patients continue to respond fantastically to offers of COVID vaccinations. Due to the high volume of numbers attending for a vaccination a range of sites have been established. Walk-in vaccination service now available in Westminster | Westminster City Council as well as local pharmacies. There will be a vaccination site close to you.

Most invitations to have vaccinations are done through a text link which is sent by a central booking team. Patients who do not receive texts or whose mobile phone numbers are out of date are contacted by our admin teams by telephone or letters but this takes a considerable time. It is important we have your up-to-date contact details to enable us to contact you quickly.

Patients aged 12-15 will have their vaccination administered through school run clinics.

Patients aged 16 to 17 will be offered a vaccination at a COVID vaccination clinic but will receive 1 vaccination only.

Patients aged 18 and over should have 2 vaccinations*. Patients who are pregnant and over 18 years of age can also have the vaccination after discussion with a GP.

Boosters- will be offered patients aged 50 and over or with a long term condition/carers etc –see below for the full criteria. Boosters are offered 182 days AFTER your second dose. The only people to have boosters earlier are a small group of highly vulnerable patients who have already been invited by text/letter or call.


If you are in the above group and have NOT yet received your invitation, or think you are now due your booster please let us know by emailing

*Second vaccinations are offered 8 weeks after the first vaccination is received if you are aged 40 and over and 11 weeks after the second if you are 18-40 years of age 


NHS APP- You can download the NHS app (not the NHS COVID app) to have access to your medical records and details about your COVID vaccinations. This the official way (for travel or access to venues) to prove that you have had a COVID vaccination. If you cannot download the NHS app please call 119 and they can provide you with an official NHS letter of confirmation. 119 often advise patients, incorrectly, to contact their GP to obtain an official proof of vaccination letter. GP letters are not considered official confirmation for travel and will not be issued.

If you had a vaccination abroad this was not given by the NHS and will therefore not show on the NHS app.  If this is the case we will code the vaccination in your medical records however this is not considered as official documentation for entry or travel. The NHS app is for NHS administered vaccinations only.   

If you had a vaccination given by the NHS and this does not show on the app please contact 119 and they will resolve for you-we cannot correct nor add information to the app.