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Administration Services we are unable to provide

Your Patient Partnership Group (PPG) and the surgery team have pulled together a list of administration services we are unable to provide. This is because we provide NHS services for patients and the clinical care of patients must remain our priority.


We know this be can frustrating for patients however we must use the time of the GPs to provide clinical care. There are some letters we can provide on the NHS such as private referral letters and some reports and medical certificates, if unsure please ask by emailing: or by visiting and submitting an E consult. If you do not use online services call reception on 02079356328 between 10.30-1 and 4-6 (this is outside our busiest times)



Exemption from vaccination– We cannot provide letters asking for patients to be given exemption from having the COVID vaccine/testing- patients need to call 119 and they will send you a letter which you complete and submit to us. We then review your medical records against criteria we are sent and if you meet the criteria we return as exempt. We cannot say we will investigate to see if you are exempt. We have to go on the information we have in your notes.

Certificates for absence or participation for holidays/refunds on tickets due to COVID- You can use the evidence of your positive COVID result through your NHS app as this information is directly from the lab

Letters of confirmation that you have COVID – You can use the evidence of your positive COVID result through your NHS app as this information is directly from the lab. If you do not have the app we can provide a copy of your positive result if you do not have access to your medical record.

To show evidence of a COVID LFT test (one you do at home) you should log the result on the government website and this will then show on your app


Fit to Participate or attend an event/holiday

Letters to say you are fit to participate in activities such as scuba diving-we don’t know if you are or not as we do not have the facilities to test you

Letters to say you are fit to participate in an event/ holiday– we don’t know if you can or not as we cannot assume what you will be doing when there.



Letters for schools/Universities/workplaces or certificates saying you are unwell and given permission not to submit work or participate in exams

Absence from work/school/college for the first 7 days of an illness-patients should self-certificate for the first 7 days

If you are unwell for more than 7 days you would need to discuss this with a GP  who may or may not feel a certificate should be issued


Letters of support

We cannot provide letters of support for housing or benefits– if this is required by benefits agency/housing they write to us directly. If they don’t ask us directly they do not want information, although they do sometimes tell patients that if they want to ask for a GP letter they can for some reason.

Letters to say you need a car parking space or a disability badge-unless you are registered as disabled.


Occupational Health work requires special qualifications and is not a service provided for patients by the NHS. Your employer should arrange any occupational health services you need. This includes occupational vaccinations. We cannot recommend occupational health service providers because we have no links to these services for patients.




Prescribe medication to help you sleep/reduce anxiety on planes/trains/boats or for travel. This is no longer considered as safe prescribing due to the high number of clinical incidents reported amongst travellers.

We cannot always transfer your private prescription into NHS prescriptions- we can only do this is the medication and treatment is something we would have provided on the NHS and we can safely monitor. We would need to see the letter/recommendation from the consultant explaining why you were on the medication and how long for, and the GP will prescribe if safe to do. Without this information we cannot prescribe. You would need to take your private prescription to a pharmacy.

Over the counter medication should be purchased and not prescribed. This is national policy and not related to patient’s personal circumstances and finances.




 Ear syringing-the staff are not trained to provide and this is not a routine NHS service. Reception can tell you of any services close to us.


Blood tests request by private consultants so that they can monitor and provide Care-This is something they should do


Letters of personal reference, or passports/visa documentation or identity including power of attorney forms. To have these forms signed you would need to visit a solicitor or citizen advice bureau.







Information for Patients

The surgery is experiencing unprecedented levels of staff absence due to sickness Please note that some appointments with GPs will need to be rearranged. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused   We are unable to accept telephone requests for medication unless you are registered with us as housebound or a carer. Please use on line systems or email If you do not use on line systems please bring your request to the surgery and hand this to reception. We aim to complete all medication requests within 48 working hours, however there may be a delay in meeting this target while we have such high levels of staff absence.   All non urgent clinical admin (forms, reports ,certificates) is now paused until the staff levels increase. Providing safe clinical care for our patients remain our priority.   If you are unwell and need to speak to a GP we are still able to provide this service, as well as some routine appointments, although routine appointment availability is reduced as we focus on dealing with urgent requests from patients.   We are unable to provide help to patients who are unable to access the NHS app. The NHS app is outside of our expertise, not connected to the surgery and we have no access to patients NHS app accounts. We cannot amend or update. If you have issues loading the NHS app please call 119.   Please wear face masks if you attend the surgery, and do not attend if you have FLU/COVID symptoms   We very much appreciate your patience and understanding.   Whilst we plan to ‘live with COVID’ COVID is very much in the community and patients and staff are catching it and becoming unwell. This impacts on many areas of society and we urge patients to have their vaccinations when invited and to wear masks when in public spaces.

“Living with COVID”

Marylebone Health Centre are committed to keeping our patients and staff as safe as possible when they visit or attend to work on our premises. The latest government guidance’ living with COVID’ has been released 1.3.2022 for general practice.  There are no immediate changes to our infection control requirements and staff will continue to self test regularly. Staff, patients and visitors should wear a mask/face covering in healthcare settings.

Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions and what makes a good one – GOV.UK (

Patients will be texted before they attend to remind them to cancel unwanted appointments, and not to attend if they are unwell or have symptoms of flu or COVID. Patients will be screened on entry We still need to limit the numbers attending our site, we can provide interpreters and chaperones. If a patient feels unable to be seen without someone else attending with them we ask that they advise reception before attending so that we can check with the clinician as patients may need to be seen in a large consulting room if it is felt that this is safe to do so. The consistent application of infection control measures, alongside the roll out of the vaccine programme and staff and patient testing, remains the most effective defence against the entry and spread of COVID-19 in healthcare settings. 

Recall of infant Formula Powders

Abbott recalls two infant formula powders because of the possible presence of Salmonella

The MHRA is aware of a Food Standards Agency recall in relation to batches of Elecare Similac and Alimentum Similac infant formula powders. This product is classified as a food substance, however we are sharing for information and any necessary action as we are aware this product is commonly prescribed.

Abbott is recalling batches of Elecare Similac and Alimentum Similac infant formula powders because of the possible presence of salmonella. If you have purchased or been prescribed any of the above product batches, do not feed it to your baby and return to the place of purchase. If you have additional questions, please contact Abbott on 01795 580303.

The MHRA urges healthcare professionals to contact all patients who have been dispensed the impacted batches immediately.

Please see link to FSA recall:

NHS England and NHS Regional Teams, please cascade to Community Pharmacy. We have sent this notification to GP Practices.

Thank you,

Central Alerting System team, MHRA

Information Update


Due to usual winter pressures and the additional work generated by COVID the surgery are currently experiencing high demand..

Administration Services

Whilst we have continued to offer a full range of clinical services we are unable to provide admin work which is not related to clinical care.

We do not provide fit to fly/fit to travel/fit to participate, occupational health letters or letters of support for housing, benefits of transport.

Occupational health is not a service provided by the NHS and you would need to speak to your employer.

COVID vaccine exemptions can be obtained by calling 119. There are very strict criteria patients need to meet and we can only respond to official 119 exemption certificate requests.

Access to services

The main reception doors are open Monday- Friday from 7.45-6pm

You can enter 6-6.30pm but you would need to press the entry buzzer. This is for staff security and so we can ensure callers to the surgery are genuinely seeking our services.

We offer 7am appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays. These appointments are by appointment only

If you need to be seen for a face to face consultation, please let reception know and they can arrange this for you. You do not need to speak to a GP to be given a Face to Face appointment.

Patients are expected to attend appointments they book: or cancel unwanted appointments so they can be used by someone else.

Safety -To keep patients and staff safe we have COVID measures in place

  • we ask patients to use our one way in and out system, especially when using the smaller entry corridor
  • Patients are screened for signs of infection on entry through screening questions
  • Wearing face masks remain a condition of entry as we are a medical facility – and we ask that you keep them on whilst on our premises. This is required to keep you, other patients and our staff as protected as possible from airborne virus. If you feel you are medically exempt email the surgery and the GPs will assess your medical records to ensure that you are medically exempt.
  • We leave doors open to help us achieve improved air flow and this can make the waiting areas feel cool.

Unacceptable Behaviour

On an average day we have more than 400 contacts with patients, either face to face on site or by telephone. The vast majority of our interactions are very successful and we gratefully appreciate the support we receive from our patients.

However we have experienced, albeit a very small number of incidences, where our staff have been sworn at, shouted at and spoken to in an aggressive manner.

This has often been where patients feel they do not wish to comply with the safety measures, such as wearing safe masks.

We ask patients who behave inappropriately to remember that unacceptable behaviour is not welcome nor something we have to tolerate.

Our Patient Partnership Group support the practice and our zero tolerance policy.

If you are unhappy with the services you receive please work with us to improve our services and email us on


J Creaser- Practice Manager  


Latest PPG Newsletter

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PPG Newsletter Autumn -Winter 2021-2022

Appointments @ Marylebone

NHS England are currently reviewing the appointments systems of all GP surgeries in the UK. They search our systems and generate reports with a breakdown of our appointments. The MHC report for July 2020-July 2021 has been reviewed by the PPG. It is acknowledged that due to coding the figures reported are an underestimate of the work we do.

27,222 face to face appointments and 21,898 telephone appointments took place PLUS 15,626 same day/urgent appointments either telephone or face took place

Wasted appointments- Between July 2020 and July 2021  1,498 appointments were made by patients who failed to attend. This means that 1,498 patients were not able to see a GP because someone else had booked the time who then didn’t attend or answer the telephone as planned/or attend their appointment.

This is a huge figure and one the surgery and the PPG are keen to tackle. If you have an appointment at the surgery and then find you will not be able to attend we ask that you cancel in good time so your appointment can be used by someone else

To cancel an appointment please : Call the surgery on 0207 935 6328 or Email the surgery on

Please be responsible and do not waste very valuable NHS appointments. Next time you call to book an appointment and find that there is a 3 week wait consider within the 3 weeks worth of appointments will be about 86 appointments patients have made and will not attend.

All patients are sent reminders for their appointments and will receive fail to attend letters if they then fail to attend and appointment they have made. In line with Policy agreed with our PPG the surgery will implement our did not attend policy. If a patient makes and then fails to attend three appointments we will reconsider your registration at our surgery.

Book it-keep it-Or cancel


Booking your COVID vaccination

Please wait to receive an invite to book your vaccine via text, once you are eligible this invite will come through on the mobile number we have on record.  Despite the recent announcement patients will still be invited in age and risk priority order.

You can access the National Booking System online or via 119 where you will be able to book once you are eligible.

In the meantime the clinics in Westminster are available to walk-ins, however, please check your eligibility on line before attending or they will not be able to guarantee you will be vaccinated and they do recommend that you book where possible to ensure that your vaccine can go ahead.