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London Pharmacy opening hours for Christmas and New Year 2020

Bank Holidays can affect the opening hours of local pharmacies. This document provides the opening hours for pharmacies in London which have been asked to open for longer hours on the Christmas & New Year Bank Holidays. Please note that 26th December 2020 is not a bank holiday, however there will be a large number of pharmacies who normally open who will be closed on this day. The 28th December is a bank holiday in 2020..

There maybe additional pharmacies opening which are not listed. If the pharmacy you would like to visit is not listed here, then you can check their opening hours by searching at 

Pharmacy Address Christmas Day


Boxing Day substitute


New Years Day


Apek Pharmacy 107 Praed Street

W2 1NT

0207 724 8698

CLOSED 10:00-14:00 10:00-14:00
Pharmacentre 149 Edgware Road

W2 2HU

0207 723 2336

09:00-Midnight 09:00-Midnight 09:00-Midnight



London Pharmacy opening hours 

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