Improving Access and Appointments


Data Sharing, Access and Appointments

Data Sharing-  for the latest information on NHS data sharing systems  

NHS Digital is the national custodian for health and care data in England and has responsibility for standardising, collecting, analysing, publishing and sharing data and information from across the health and social care system, including general practice. There was a plan to share data automatically and patients would need to opt out-This programme has now changed and has been delayed

For more information and to opt out please visit-


Improving Access for patients- St Marylebone Parish Church is currently redeveloping Church premises and we will have a new access point for our patients. A temporary front door has been placed to the side of the church and there is also a new temporary lift while the new lift is being created.

You now access the practice through the church gardens. We do apologise for any inconvenience.

Your patient group, Patient Partnership Group (PPG), are working with us to ensure that we remember the patient voice and needs while the work is underway. You can contact them by email and mark your email for the attention of PPG. To find out more about the works please visit


WE ARE OPEN – We open Monday-Friday 8am-6.30pm at reception (telephones open 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm). We do offer 7am appointments with doctors and nurses-please ask reception if you would like to book an early morning appointment.

To help keep everyone safe we remind all patients attending to wear a mask while on our premises. Exemptions are those patients carrying and using oxygen.

As you enter reception, we ask you wait to be called forward. The staff will ask you confirm your response to our COVID symptom checker.  The new system provides additional confidentiality, ensures you can remain 2 meters from staff and other patients while you in the surgery and stops groups of patients congregating in the reception area. We operate a one way in and one way out system-this is to ensure patients do not bump into each other at the entrance or on the stairs.

Keeping you safe is our priority


Appointments-  We had to think of new ways of safer working, to reduce the numbers of patients on site, be able to maintain 2-meter distance in waiting areas, use our GPs and Nurses efficiently to ensure we could meet patient needs and demand. This work continues and we would very much appreciate your feedback.

From September we will again be inviting patients to book face to face appointments If you feel they need to see a GP F2F appointment, rather than a telephone consultation, please let reception know and they help you arrange this safely. The majority of appointments remain telephone appointments.

Currently we have a range of appointments available to patients.

  • E Consult– from the home page of our website patients can send us an E Consult for routine health matters. The E Consult system will answer health questions, may direct you to a more appropriate service which can help you.  For example if a patient has muscular pain and submits an e consult for advice you may be contacted by a physio service within a day or two of your E Consult as the physio maybe the best person to help with your medical problem. To find out more about E Consult please look at the blue Contact your Doctors on line box
  • Clinical Pharmacy– Most days we have pharmacists working alongside our GPs at Marylebone. You can ask for a pharmacist to speak to you about all matters related to medication, including having a medication review. Ask at reception and they can arrange this for you.
  • Nurses– The nursing team at Marylebone are very skilled and experienced practitioners. They can provide advice and support about asthma and diabetes, contraception, urinary tract infections in women, travel health and immunisation programmes for patients of all ages. Nurses offer face to face and telephone appointments.
  • Urgent GP for same day medical matters– Each day we have a GP on duty to deal with urgent matters which arise. Urgent matters are usually medical problems which need to be dealt with on the day. The same day duty doctor should not be asked to provide advice for routine matters. Please be advised that many patients call experiencing chest pain, or are palliative and need urgent medication. If patients insist on speaking to the on-call GP about routine matters it means seriously unwell patients treatment may be delayed.
  • Routine pre bookable telephone calls- you can pre book a telephone call with a GP. This helps you have continuity of speaking to the same GP, to your usual GP, and allows you to plan your consultation time to suit your diary. Please note that while we give you a booked time slot a GP may have a cancellation or overrun if the person before you need longer than expected, so please have your telephone to hand 15 minutes before your ‘appointment’ time and 30 minutes after. You can book these telephone calls two/three week ahead
  • Routine pre bookable face to face appointments-Please ask reception and they can arrange this for you
  • J Creaser- Practice Manager