Monthly Archives: January 2023

Appointment Availability

Please be aware that in recent weeks we have experienced a sharp increase of demand for appointments for same day urgent care, including the recent outbreak of illnesses amongst young children and we have converted routine clinical appointment time to same day urgent access to help us to safely meet this demand

On the dates of ambulance strikes we have to provide additional acute cover which means routine appointments are converted to same day urgent appointments

Due to train and tube strikes staff have had to take last minute leave during these busy periods because they cannot get into work and this has resulted in a reduced availability of routine appointments

Currently we are only booking appointments 4 weeks ahead as due to the above we found we were having to cancel and rearrange large numbers of clinics
We do appreciate that the above has radically reduced availability of pre bookable routine appointments and we do very much appreciate your support at this time
We frequently have appointment cancellations so we do ask you to call us again if you are advised we have no availability and should additional appointments be added or cancellations be made available they will of course be offered to you