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PPG Newsletter Autumn -Winter 2021-2022

Appointments @ Marylebone

NHS England are currently reviewing the appointments systems of all GP surgeries in the UK. They search our systems and generate reports with a breakdown of our appointments. The MHC report for July 2020-July 2021 has been reviewed by the PPG. It is acknowledged that due to coding the figures reported are an underestimate of the work we do.

27,222 face to face appointments and 21,898 telephone appointments took place PLUS 15,626 same day/urgent appointments either telephone or face took place

Wasted appointments- Between July 2020 and July 2021  1,498 appointments were made by patients who failed to attend. This means that 1,498 patients were not able to see a GP because someone else had booked the time who then didn’t attend or answer the telephone as planned/or attend their appointment.

This is a huge figure and one the surgery and the PPG are keen to tackle. If you have an appointment at the surgery and then find you will not be able to attend we ask that you cancel in good time so your appointment can be used by someone else

To cancel an appointment please : Call the surgery on 0207 935 6328 or Email the surgery on

Please be responsible and do not waste very valuable NHS appointments. Next time you call to book an appointment and find that there is a 3 week wait consider within the 3 weeks worth of appointments will be about 86 appointments patients have made and will not attend.

All patients are sent reminders for their appointments and will receive fail to attend letters if they then fail to attend and appointment they have made. In line with Policy agreed with our PPG the surgery will implement our did not attend policy. If a patient makes and then fails to attend three appointments we will reconsider your registration at our surgery.

Book it-keep it-Or cancel