Monthly Archives: August 2020

Changes to Services

Dear Patients

There are changes to some services due to COVID restrictions and as services are restored we thought it would be helpful to update you;

  • Retinal Screening for diabetic patients- service is being restored and please refer to the attached poster
  • National screening programmes such as cytology screening, also called smear tests, for female patients aged 25-64 years is being resumed
  • Post-natal check-ups for new mums at Marylebone are now done 8 weeks after your baby is born, at the same time as your baby’s first immunisations and 8 week check with a GP. If you need to speak to a GP before your post natal please

Call reception and they can arrange for you to speak to a GP. We book all appointments no more than 2 weeks before they are due.

North West London Diabetic Eye
Screening Programme

When attending your appointment, we have taken a number of
practical steps to ensure those attending and our staff safety. Please click on the link below for further information.

7 Changes to Appointments Poster – NWL v1