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Face Mask Exemption Letters

Face Mask exemption Letters: No GP medical letter needed-

Face masks or coverings are now mandatory in most public areas. We understand that some patients will be anxious about wearing a mask especially those with certain medical conditions.

 GP’s are not required or in a position to provide exemption letters for patients who believe they should be exempt from wearing a face covering.

The current guidance suggests there is no requirement for the public to provide medical evidence for exemption from wearing face masks therefore a self- declaration should be sufficient.

Please go to the GOV.UK link below for more information on the use of face coverings.

For specific requirements in reference to public transport, shops or other areas where masks are required please contact those specific companies for further information.

Childhood Vaccinations

Notice for parents from the Marylebone Health Centre Team:


We hope your child is well and we know you want to keep them safe and healthy.

One way you can protect your child is to make sure they always have their routine vaccinations.

Over 80 % of children living in London are up-to-date with their vaccinations. This simple act can reduce your child’s chance of getting seriously ill by up to 90% but delay can put children at risk from potentially serious diseases.  

We want to reassure you that all possible precautions are being taken to protect you and your child from coronavirus during your child’s vaccination appointment.

Please read the attached advice sheet that the NHS have produced for you. It contains further information on the importance of having your child vaccinated during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Public guidance – attending vaccination appointment

Advice for parents about routine vaccinations during coronavirus 9 6 20 (1)